The Questions of Rita Crabbe

April 3, 2008 12:36 AM
Today I had a lengthy conversation with Rita Crabbe It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t scripted but you wouldn’t have been able to tell that because It was SPIRITED . You see Rita had a lot of questions. She could sense from society that something was seriously amiss. People killing each other both at home and abroad . Parents’ cruelty to their own offspring. Anarchy every where you cared to look or listen in. Even the law officers that have sworn to protect and serve.. violating young ones…hurting innocents. It made her mad and can you really blame her. Staring enormity, in the face galvanizes something on our inside. It kindles, however briefly, that basal sense of right and wrong that we all have but for the most part choose to ignore. I agreed with Rita, I even commended her on her discernment that is until she asked the Question: Isn’t God to blame? In my naivety, I thought “How absurd!” but then I realized that this must be what a good percentage of people think about God so I listened on. How do we know that Christianity is the only true Religion? isn’t it unfair to say Jesus is the only way to have a relationship with God? What about the Da Vinci code? Couldn’t it be true that Jesus could have had a child and an illicit affair? What about science and evolution? Where do they fit into God’s creation account?
Yes, Rita had a lot of questions but at the heart of all these questions was a common beat, the search for certainty in an uncertain world. She didn’t say it explicitly but conveyed the ideation “if God was responsible for the current state of things, she wanted no part of Him”.
I couldn’t answer her questions, save one- ISN’T GOD TO BLAME?
Why is it that everybody wants to blame God! It’s ironic that we will not serve Him as Sovereignty yet we hold HIm sovereignly accountable whenever things go wrong. Can we really have it both ways? Is it logical to tell HIm to-“ leave me alone to do my own thing” – but then say – “Isn’t God to blame?”- when we make a mess of things. If God isn’t to blame, who then is? The only person that can be blamed for man’s depravity to man, is Man!
Why.. CHOICE that’s why.
God has given us the unique ability to choose. To choose whom we will serve, how we will respond to people, what we will do with our lives, when we will invest our time, if we will love, share a smile, think a positive thought, hope or despair, keep fighting or give up and ultimately believe that He ,God ,has our best interests in mind or not. The choices are all around us,
It is this singular quality that makes us accountable as a race for our actions. Yes there is a devil and yes he is the epitome of wickedness. He is constantly prodding us with suggestions but we are the ones that eventually choose to carry out the suggestion or not.
The way Dr. Creflo Dollar says it “All the devil can do is make suggestions, we have to decide if it’s a good idea or not”
Rita decided to find out more about God, she’s going to take her bible off the bookshelf following Jesus along “the hillsides “of the book of John for a few hours. I’m sure she’ll find better answers to her myriad of Questions than any of us can offer.
A good choice,don’t you agree? (oops that was another question)

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