I like to think I went in as naive teen and came out as a mature adult, lessons learnt and ready for life. “NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!” as the packaging says but most of life’s lessons came after. It was a preparation ground though and the God ordained friendships forged  here have weathered shame, defeat, heartbreak, sickness, loss of loved ones and stood the test of time. You’ll need friends like this to survive. Contemporary culture extols the Lone-Ranger, the super hero who does it all, and all-alone. IT’S A MYTH.  You’ll burn out before you get to the finish line. You need a support system that’s God-ordained; REAL FRIENDS! The ones that tell you the truth, even when it hurts, not to hurt you but prevent you from hurting yourself, they don’t mind you being in the limelight while they remain backstage. Contrast that with “fake friends ” who only want to take and use.
Proverbs 18 vs 24:There are “friends” who destroy each other,

but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.

#Friendship #RealFriends #GettothefinishLine #GodlyFriends #GodordainedFriends #Hope #Help #Godsaves #GodChaser #Nigeria #Ibadan #UniversityofIbadan #BlackandWhitePhotography #bandw #Nikonartists #Nikonnofilter #Oktionz

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