Flickering embers have always intrigued me. They remind me of transitions and change. What’s that saying again? The only constant thing is change. Yet change is so disruptive, so intrusive, just when you have your routine figured out something throws a wrench in the mix. Change is also draining, it tasks your emotional reserves and when they come in rapid succession; a gloomy diagnosis, a lost home or a discovered betrayal, the toll can seem unbearable. It seems Life tries to kick us down when we are most vulnerable. But those same embers if fanned to flame can burn bright again. Embers should epitomize hope, blow on it and you’ll see strength ebb in. Could that be why Jesus never gives up on us, no matter how badly we mess up or stray? He’s always holding out for that ember in our hearts to become a fire in our souls. 

He will not crush the weakest reed or put out a flickering candle. Finally he will cause justice to be victorious. Matthew 12:20 NLT http://ift.tt/2yuehyG

 #JesusSaves #Hope #Inspiration #Dontgiveup #Hanginthere #Embers #Candles #GodSaves #Dontgiveup #Dontquit #GettotheFinishLine #GodChaser #Nikonartists #Nikonnofilter #Oktionzvia Instagram http://ift.tt/2z2jpXI

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