BRIDGE SERIES 003 Lekki Bridge Lagos

Nigeria Some bridges are shrouded in darkness or fog. Just like many of lifes’ decisions we cannot see where the path will lead, if our current decisions are the right ones or how it all pans out; nevertheless we are not exonerated from the task of walking it. We still have to get to the other side. Some people walk on with confidence, having never been scared by defeat or disappointment or failure. I duff my hat to you and cheer you on. Others, have felt the sting of betrayal or complete loss or disgrace, they walk on with trepidation for they know how slippery the slope is. It is to the latter that I write these words. Godspeed to you and God’s wisdom. If you have guts to get back up again after you have been knocked down then, you have the heart of a lion and the courage of a warrior. When you get the other side, shout out a cheer of encouragement to those of us heather, who are still on the trek, in the shadow of failure or just beginning. Sound out hope of what is on the other side. It takes true courage to get up, again and again after you have taken beaten after beaten. It takes conviction and character to keep circling the dream and fanning the flames of hope, especially when everyone else tells you it’s hopeless. I pray God meets you where you are with a sign or your salvation but even if he doesn’t, trudge on and get to the other side. Every step gets you closer to your utopia and and further away from your last loss. In the darkness/fog you don’t know when the very next step will get you off the bridge to your other side.
As evening came, Jesus said to his disciples, “Let’s cross to the other side of the lake.” Mark 4:35 NLT
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