BRIDGE SERIES 005 What’s Under Your Bridge?

via Instagram George C King Bridge Calgary, Canada
  Yesterday I messed up. I slipped at an addiction I thought I had overcome. Guilt ridden there are 2 choices; cover up my shortcomings or expose it to the light, to my savior.
The FIRST choice stems from SHAME, we all have a certain persona we try to project, an alter ego we would rather have the world look at. We are SCARED that if “it” gets out we would be ruined, or worse still ridiculed. Here’s the problem with this approach, our conscious minds can’t handle this dichotomy. The contrast between who we are and who we would like others to think we are. Repeated SLIPS will cause the gulf to widened. This leads to self loathing. It ebbs out in our SPLEEN at those closest to us; in our low SELF-ESTEEM and yes, in our insecurities. The myth here, is that you are the only one who struggles.
EVERYONE STRUGGLES, trying to meet up to their alter ego. Those that have met with success among us have discovered it is a journey not a destination. A never ending battle to defeat the depravity that would consume us if we let go with reckless abandon. These brave souls take the SECOND choice and bare it all. They expose their shortcomings to the purifying light of the savior. They are the few that can sleep at night because there is nothing under their bridge. No skeletons to be found, no hidden corpses, no secrets that would bring down nations. This is not because they are SINLESS but because they don’t hide their flaws. What you see is what you get.
So the question is repeated, what is under your bridge? Is it clear and flowing like the river in the picture? Or has it been clogged up with hidden addictions and sin. It’s not too late to begin the declutter. One warning though, beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing, those that would take your vulnerability and turn it into profit.
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